My friend Dwight visited from Texas this weekend. We hung out basically all day Saturday, along with his girlfriend and a few mutual friends.

Him and his girlfriend visited my house in the morning for some games. We started with Century, a new game to me. It seemed pretty good. We followed with Splendor. I won both games.

We joined the others for lunch at Aladdin’s. I had Jafar’s pitza. Good as usual. We spent some time there talking.

We followed that up with a visit to Jeni’s Ice Cream for dessert. My first time. I had some berry lavender ice cream, which was fairly good. Dwight, lactose intolerant and low carb, couldn’t eat much, but he had an employee help him figure out the lowest carb sorbet option.

We walked around the nearby park afterward. Saw some geese and ducks and waterfalls. It was a very nice day out.

Some of our group departed and the rest of us wrestled with our next steps. All but me were planning on going to a comedy show that evening, but I had to somehow get home, having been driven by Dwight. So I decided to join them for the comedy show to make things easier.

We went to the Malted Meeple to fill some of the time before the show. We played a new game to all of us, Machi Koro. It had some elements reminiscent of Settlers of Catan. It was a little complicated for a quick game, and we didn’t finish it. We each had or were about to get one of the four cards required to win. They declared me the winner because I had a pile of coins.

We had dinner at Panera. A sign on the door said to be patient because more than half the normal staff called off. It was dead inside, so we had no problems. I had macaroni and cheese, and a caesar salad.

We went to the show, at the location formerly known as the Northfield Rocksino. With the help of a guy in a van, we found our was across the parking lot, then had to show our cards to get through a casino to get to the show in the middle. I kinda had to go to the bathroom, but the show was about to start, so I waited.

There were too Saturday Night Live people, both of whom I had not heard of. Both were pretty funny, at least overall. There’s a certain contagion to the laughter at a comedy show that can make things more funny, and an interesting interaction between the comedian and the crowd. It felt good to feel the jokes and laugh in that moment.

After using the bathroom and making our way back through the casino, we headed back to Aladdin’s to get Dwight’s car. He took his girlfriend and I back to my house, where we talked for a little while, before they headed off to find their bed.