I went to see the Cleveland Orchestra perform at Blossom this evening, likely my last show of the year. They performed:

  • Ives’ “Decoration Day”
  • Bernstein’s Jeremiah Symphony
  • Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances

It made for a nice relaxing evening after a tiring day. I went with my dad.

There was a normal crowd for a regular classical performance, but it wasn’t too bad getting out. I clapped till the end of the clapping session, headed to the bathroom, then headed toward the exit, and the herd was already comfortably spaced. It was not long after I reached my car that the line in the parking lot was gone. The road out was full but moving. I went left at Steels to Northampton, which is a longer distance, but flows smoothly instead of the jam that’s usually at Akron Peninsula.