A little over a week ago, I went to an Indians game with my brother. We were walking out of the parking deck just as the national anthem was finishing. We got to the top of our seating section just as “play ball” was said and watched the first actual pitch.

We went back to the concourse to get some food. I got two dollar dogs and some peanuts. I checked for relish, but couldn’t find any, then headed back to meet my brother at the seats and ate my hotdogs plain.

The Indians won thanks to some early offense. The evening was pleasant and the game enjoyable. There were a lot of people there, with all sections looking fairly filled.

After the game, there were some fireworks. They played Tom Petty music, the first time I’ve seen them do a single musician.

The traffic getting out was crowded and slow going until we got on the highway. My brother was driving, luckily. I get stressed out easily by heavy traffic.