The roads were fairly bad tonight, with icy snow. My drive home took about three times the normal time, in part because there were road closures. Some of the roads I ended up on could get hard to maintain 20 MPH or even less sometimes without getting difficult to keep course.

There were sometimes one set of tracks in the middle of the road, so when another oncoming car appeared, we had to edge over into the deeper snow and go slow passing, careful to keep from getting sucked back into the ruts or off the road.

I passed one car on a road that had snow but not quite as bad and the yellow line in the middle could be seen in spots. The car was clearly over the line, pushing me well over to the side. I ran it close and somewhat fast, trying my best to push it back to its side.

There was one hill where several vehicles were stopped with their hazard lights on. I couldn’t really see what was going on. An SUV in front of me turned around. A pickup came by and said I should just turn around, so I did after letting the pickup behind me pass. I had to use my phone’s map to find a new route, because at that point I only kinda knew where I was.