I got hit by dust allergies while working in the basement this evening. I was putting pipe insulation on my hot water lines to keep them warm a bit longer. There was a lot of dust on stuff up near the joists, especially in some narrow gaps where the pipes run along the heating duct. At one point, I must’ve got some in my eye, because I felt it getting itchy and starting to swell. I went over by an air purifier I had set up down there and let it blow on my face, but it was still getting worse. I quickly shut down the project and went upstairs. Looking in the mirror, the eye was red and puffy, so much so that the bottom eyelid had somehow turned in on itself. I splashed my face with water, pushed the eyelid back to how it’s supposed to be, took some allergy medicine, wiped my face well with a wash clothe, and then went and let my upstairs air purifier blow on my face for a while. In the midst of that, I had started sneezing and coughing, and my nose was running. After a bit, though, it had mostly subsided.