Toby's web based business / intro card

Short domain intro card

To make use of the short domain I bought recently (, I came up with the concept of a business card-like intro landing page. All subpaths, eg would continue redirecting to my main site. The landing page’d sort of be something I could give out to people easily for a quick synopsis of my contact information, like handing out a business card but on the web.

I had some fun in designing it with the constraints of the concept and seeing what I could do with some of the ideas I had for a printed business card ported to a simple implementation on the web. I spent more time than perhaps I should’ve tweaking and trying different things.

I played with some CSS I don’t often use, like mix-blend-mode, and a failed attempt to use mask-image with radial-gradiant.

I made sure to mark up with Person schema microdata.