I left my yard today for the first time in almost 168 hours. I took a hike, one week after the last time I had same trail (Dogwood). It was chilly and I almost wanted my winter coat instead of my thinner jacket. There were, again, humans, but not very many. The ground was, luckily, dry. I took the first half at a brisk pace, perhaps a little too brisk, and had to slow down for the last portion.

As I came up a hill and around a bend, I saw some fallen trees. Most looked old, but I smelled sawdust. I saw a tall splintered stump near the next curve. As I approached, I saw a big, freshly cut fallen tree that would’ve been across the path. Then I saw another big fallen tree on the opposite side of the path, with the roots pulled out of the ground to make a hole. The one presumably cracked and fell, hitting the other.

  • big cracked tree, fallen and cut
  • root ball of uprooted tree, knocked over
  • fallen tree scene

It was good to get out there after being cooped up for so long. I should get out more, but there’s a bit more worry about going out than usual, and I kind of wanted to see if I could keep going. A week is long enough though. I’ll not be staying in this next one, as I need resupply and have other tasks to do.