I got some restaurant food for the first time since this stay at home order started almost two weeks ago. I got some pizza and a salad from Marco’s pizza. I had been craving some during the week, but was reluctant to figure out the situation, as in how the procedure would work given this new situation. I got carryout because it was cheaper. It worked largely like normal except a slightly awkward attempt at keeping distance between customers in the small counter area.

When I got there, my food wasn’t ready yet, so I had to wait several minutes. I sat on a chair in their closed dining area. Perhaps next time I should just pay the extra for the delivery. It will save myself time and hassle and put money toward someone in an industry hit particularly hard by this situation. I saw some hiring signs for drivers, suggesting there is increased demand. Hopefully those jobs help make up for the many lost.

My craving had waned since the workweek, so the pizza didn’t hit the spot quite as much as I had hoped. It and the salad were good enough though. I ate half for a very filling dinner that made up for a small lunch. I will have at least another meal out of it.