Ohians, be aware that this spring’s election was not actually moved to June, like the governor originally planned. There will be no in person vote for most people, only absentee ballots, which are due soon.

There was a bit of confusion over whether the election was happening the night before it was planned. A court said that it wouldn’t stop it, but the governor said to cancel, and ultimately it wasn’t held. Since it was so last minute and there was contradictory information around, I actually went to my polling place just to be sure. I was the only car in the lot and only person visible other than one car on the lawn right next to the library, presumably a staff member closing things down.

Anyway, at the time, governor DeWine said the election would be moved to June 2. But lawmakers said he couldn’t do that, and a week or so later passed a law extending the election date to the 28th, but requiring everybody, unless homeless or disabled, to use absentee ballots. The information wasn’t well spread. I got a postcard last week which said to mail a request for a mail in ballot, but didn’t explicitly say that there was no in person polling happening. Anyway, I looked it up. I printed and mailed their request form.

Today, I got my ballot. My first “absentee” ballot. With one issue. So I’ve got to get that filled out and mailed by the 27th or hand delivered by the 28th.