I did it. I filed my taxes. Federal and state, at least. I was not planning on going all the way through it tonight. Every year there is a curve ball. I had started a couple weeks ago or something, but ran into a problem with a 1099-R, the first year I’ve had one of those. Frustrating trying to figure it out. I used TurboTax, which is abstracted quite a bit from the underlying forms. I actually switched to doing the PDF forms myself, but ran into problems there too, so I switched back. I hope that I did it right, as always. I made a decision of how to deal with that tonight and just got rolling and kept on going.

I was considering finally getting professional help this year, but there’s the coronavirus lockdown going on and I don’t know a tax professional or who to trust with it. Maybe next year.

I feel relief having that done and being sure that I don’t owe a big sum there. In fact, I’m getting a return even after applying some towards my first quarter estimates. So, now I can comfortably spend that stimulus money.

Next up, city taxes. For another day.