I’m glad to have found that T Mobile seems to be extending their unlimited high speed data covid 19 deal until June 30th. I was worried when May 13th passed that I would be stuck at 2G speeds for several days until my next renew date. Since I’m currently depending on my phone as a mobile hotspot for work, I would’ve had to figure something else out. But the date passed and I’ve still been running normal speed. Nice. May be back to the office by June 30th.

One might think giving away more data would be bad for the network or the company, but both seem to largely be fine. There have been a few hiccups in the network, including one 15 minute slow down / outage I encountered at the end of March, but it has mostly been as good as normal. The company seems to be doing fine, with its stock hitting its 52 week high today despite a recession. So, I think they’re good.