I finished the last of my 2019 tax filings (local) and my quarterly estimates last night and mailed them today. I had filed federal and state back in April, later than the usual date but still way earlier than the coronavirus extended date, but had not received my refund yet. I wanted to wait on that as a sign that they’ve accepted my filing, because if they didn’t, I wouldn’t want to have to refile with the city. The extended deadline is approaching. I haven’t received the refund yet, but it finally got updated to a status of being sent, according to the IRS website. Good enough.

Filling the form was fairly easy now that I’ve figured things out. I just copied what I did last year with the new numbers and followed some notes I wrote down, then double checked everything. I used their “fillable” PDF form for the first time, which was easy enough and more legible than my handwriting. The same number in like 8 places and then some calculations off of that. I still have to mail the form because Akron doesn’t support self employed status with their online form. Probably because they need my federal schedule C attached.

I overpaid a little bit to Akron for 2019, but that went as part of my 2020 estimates. I sent a separate envelope with the rest of the amount to make for the 1st / 2nd quarter estimates. Good to be “done” (assuming they don’t modify things on me again).