Thanksgiving fixings on plate


My Thanksgiving started out a little sad that it would be alone, but it ended up going well.

I started off by sleeping in. I had breakfast and a small lunch in succession. I drank a nice cup of Edinburgh heather tea. I looked for something good on TV but couldn’t really find anything I wanted to watch.

I went outside and stood in the park behind my yard briefly, then went and planted some bulbs in my front yard. Got in the last two Daffodils and the last few crocuses, as well as some grape hyacinths, which are now all I have left. It was a little wet out and the clay was sticky and there were a lot of worms, but I only did five holes in the same area, so it didn’t take too long.

After a rest inside, I went for a hike on the Dogwood. I only saw one other hiker the whole time, and they were on a different trail across the street. It was getting a little dark and the path was slightly muddy, though nothing compared to how bad it gets sometimes. I walked within a few feet of a few deer grazing by the path. They were skiddish at first and the one did the head bobbing and then started off, but then came back and continued grazing. I only saw a few squirrels and birds for wildlife besides them.

I baked my dinner, kind of winging it with what I had. The baked potato was the longest cooking thing, so I started that first, with some salt and oil, at 450Β° in the oven. Then about 35 minutes later I added some broccoli, corn, and onions tossed in some oil and salt and spices to the same pan. A little bit later I put some sliced turkey on a separate pan, put on some salt and spices, and put them in the oven as well. I started the Stovetop stuffing, but didn’t realize how quick it was, and let it sit for a while.

I cleaned my table almost as if I were having guests, just to fit the occasion. The stuffing and turkey were certainly not near as good as the normal Thanksgiving versions, but they were still good. The overall meal was tasty and filling. I felt full when there was still some left, but it was a small enough quantity I decided to keep going. I finished my plate, but had eaten too much. The only leftovers were some stuffing still in the pan.

I talked to my parents on the phone soon after dinner. They went on speaker phone so I could hear both at once, though the volume was a little low at times. Good to talk to them and also to find out that the family members with COVID were all fine now. I also, throughout the day, texted several other family members and friends to say “Happy Thanksgiving” and texted a bit more with some.

I looked for something on TV, and watched a few Disney children’s short films on 5 (NBC). That got boring and there wasn’t much else on. I decided to watch The Princess Bride, which I hadn’t seen in a while and had been kinda feeling like recently. It was a good choice. The VHS is no longer in great shape, with slightly grainy video and sometimes muffled audio with varying volume, but it was good enough with frequent volume changes.

Afterwards, I looked for some Black Friday deals. I mostly was trying to decide what headphones to buy, as my remaining pairs are either having problems or not very good quality. As is often the case with me and purchases, it was hard to decide the best option, so I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. There’s also good deals on Eureka tents, so I may be upgrading to a two person size for a more roomy camping experience in the future.