snow covered branches at night


‘Twas the first heavier snow of the year. Not as bad down here as in Cleveland from what I’ve heard, but we did get snow sticking to the roads and piling several inches high on cooler surfaces. It looked rather nice, especially the way it collected on branches.

I did a little bit of shoveling this morning and evening. This morning the walkway and drive just had a thin layer, but the taller plants in my front garden were snow-covered and bent over the walkway, and I wanted it clear for the mail person. This evening it was a couple inches.

Since I work from home and didn’t need to go out otherwise, I didn’t have to deal with getting my car out or driving. A plus of the situation. The car was pretty thickly covered this evening and the drive was just deep enough I probably would’ve wanted to at least clear the tire paths.

I went for a walk this evening to get out of the house and see the snow. It was coming down for much of my walk and sometimes blowing in my eyes. Felt like I needed goggles. I mostly walked the neighborhood sidewalks and took a little stroll in a city park. I went down some streets I hadn’t been on before. Some decorated houses looked really nice. I felt obligated to take some pictures of the nice branches in one foresty spot, including the attached one, since I hadn’t in my yard during the day. I was out for a little less than an hour.