Yay Cavs: beating the new “super team” Nets in double overtime. I wore a Cavs shirt today because I saw they were playing each other tonight. I then forgot about it until near the end of the fourth quarter, and tuned them in on the radio (they rarely broadcast basketball on the TV), catching the best part of the game it seems.

This team looks very promising, with a lot of depth and a lot of young players with potential to stick around for a while. They only used eight players this game and have a number of others with talent, including two starters. The numbers on the box score were pretty well spread out, with 7 players with 12+ points, 6 with 5+ rebounds, and numbers spread in other columns too. Of course Sexton stood out in the points column with 42, which happens to be KD’s (from the Nets) high for the season. And though they failed at some points late in the quarters, they did come through in the clutch to tie it up and eventually win. Those clutch times can be important when it comes playoff time, which they will hopefully get to experience this year.

The Nets may have been having a bad game and were working out kinks with their new Harden and recently returned Kyrie. The Cavs also had new and returning players. We’ll see what happens when they play again on Friday.

I had rode my exercycle off and on before turning on the game and continued riding it once I turned it on, trying to give them good vibes with my energy. I had to continue when they went into overtime. By the end of the first OT, I was sweating quite a bit and kind of feeling a bit dehydrated. When it became apparent that there would be a second OT, I had to stop and drink some water and rest a bit. I turned down the thermostat and started back up shortly after the second OT started, taking it easy this time. I kept going until the end to be sure.