I see that composer has released its 2.0 version. Nice. My biggest hope of improvement for composer was speed, and I think they may have done that. From quick testing, it is about instant for projects with no dependencies, which wasn’t the case before. On projects with new / changed packages, it still can take time to download and install, but it definitely seems faster overall. It seems to resolve the dependencies really quick. Seems to do some caching to speeds things up. So that’s nice. Seems like composer may no longer be a run and then do something else while waiting type tool.

The last time they had a major speed up, there was an infamous github issue thread so overloaded with celebratory gifs that it became difficult or impossible to load. And that change definitely made a difference, but I think it gradually slowed down again after that. This recent change seems similarly deserving of celebration. Hopefully it stays that way.

[Update]After more testing, it doesn’t really seem much faster, aside from that no-depenency case. May even be slower for complex projects. Oh well.[/Update]