shoveled driveway, car ready to go


I shoveled my drive and cleaned off my car today to go out after not having left the house for nearly a week. The snow was dense and heavy and a bit crusty after some freezing rain. It took a little while pushing my shovel back and forth and using my foot to get the snow load over the side. I tried my best to avoid wearing myself out and hurting my back, and didn’t really feel it too bad until some hours later while lying down.

It’s been a long stretch of cold and the snow hasn’t completely melted for weeks. I feel most recent years we get snow and then it warms up enough for it to not stick around too long, but this definitely is solid winter. It looks nice in my back yard. I go back to my overlook back there almost every day, though it can be pretty cold. The snow since it rained has been so thick that I barely sink in most of the way while walking back.