I’m glad the sun and warm weather are returning to Northeast Ohio. It had been a good month of pretty solidly below freezing temperatures and snow cover. Looks like it’s going to be swinging or staying above freezing every day in the 10 day forecast, evening making it into the 50s some days. I imagine that will be enough to melt all the snow, except maybe the bigger mounds.

I hadn’t been out hiking too much during the cold spell, but went on the Dogwood this weekend and a short hike around Nature Realm today. Both were pleasant. Today I went after work because it was sunny and probably in the high 30s. I broke out my mirrorless camera, which hasn’t seen much use over the past couple years. Of course, the light was getting too dim already when I got there. I had wanted to see if I could shoot some birds, but I didn’t see very many at all, and even if I had, I would’ve had trouble getting them in that light. I tried to get a squirrel but it was moving too fast. I took some landscapes and plant pictures, and ended up having to use the flash near the end. Anyway, it was good to get out of the house and into nature.