I bought a short domain name in part so I could have a short email address that was easy to share. Unfortunately, I’m finding it to sometimes confuse people or require more effort than expected to spell out. I think people tend to expect email addresses, at least in a regular person context, to be “@gmail.com” or “@yahoo.com” or the like, and they expect the user name part (before the “@”) to be longer than one character.

When speaking it, I say “t at m a c n dot m e” (or sometimes “me”) and often have to repeat and sometimes say words for individual characters. The “@” symbol in particular can be an issue amongst letters.

The user name can be anything, but “t” seemed short, appropriate, and distinguishable. The “macn.me” was kind of the best domain I could find available that was similar to my name, seemed reasonable to read and pronounce, and was fairly short.

Maybe using my full first name for the user name would help and make the “at” more easy to distinguish from a letter. As to the domain, I don’t really want to have to find another short domain name and do all the work again to switch. I doubt I’d find one much better at that length.

Regardless, it’s still better than my other addresses which contain “tobymackenzie”.