I woke up in the middle of the night last night fighting a strong feeling of sickness. I think it was just a stomach bug. I had nausea, aches, and diarrhea. I had a bit of a feeling of something in the back of my throat. Most prominent, though, was an inability to get myself to a comfortable temperature. I woke up feeling too hot and then found myself swinging to feeling too cold, and back and forth. I turned up the thermostat and went and lay on the couch, adjusting my blanket until I felt alright.

I had eaten some restaurant food that evening and the day before. That evening was Chin’s, and I ate a little too much. The previous day, lunch, was Mexican at the one on Exchange. Could’ve been from one of those, or possibly something I made at home.

I felt mostly fine today, though I did have diarrhea for a while and my appetite wasn’t quite normal. I took it easy though. I cancelled joining my parents for dinner to be on the safe side. I will watch closely tomorrow and the next couple days to make sure it’s not covid or something.