I think the deer are eating some of my bulb plant leaves. The daffodils seem fine, but I think the crocuses and the grape hyacinths have been nibbled. I assumed it was rabbits since the leaves are pretty small for deer, but tonight a couple deer were in my back yard nibbling on something in the grass around where I have some bulbs “naturalized”. I walked toward them, which scared them away. I saw a patch of grass / moss ripped up, which I had assumed was being done by skunks, but I also noticed several of the bulb leaves in the surrounding area had been nibbled. Even though it was drizzling, I grabbed my spray bottle of deer repellent and sprayed all of the crocuses and hyacinths I could find. The deer and several of their cronies, who had been watching from the forest, eventually left down the hill as I sprayed. Hopefully the spray can limit the damage so these bulbs survive, and thrive. I want these things to multiply.