Chester dog sitting on couch


R.I.P. Chester. Jamie and Tiffany’s dog got lymphoma and it grew quickly. I saw him yesterday with a big bulge on the side of his head. It was apparently visibly larger each day. He couldn’t close his one eye and his lip on that side was numb, so he would bite it sometimes. He was panting a lot. His mind was still there and he was able to move around just fine, though he was even more lazy than usual. He was put down before he got too bad. It’s hard to tell on that how much longer he could’ve made it and how bad he would’ve gotten. It’s just too bad he didn’t have more time.

He was a really good dog. Very passive and docile. Sort of a pigley demeanor and behavior. Didn’t bark too often, was very nice, didn’t cause trouble. He was well liked by the family and others who met him. He was lazy and loved lying on the couch or bed, preferred to be inside a lot of the time. He didn’t like long walks. He got hot easily but also didn’t like the cold too much. He was kinda stupid sometimes, but always congenial.

His only barking was sometimes when he wanted something. He would give these short little woofs every few seconds, gradually increasing in consistency and volume.

He went on numerous camping trips with family. He didn’t like them that much because there was no real inside. He did like the more recent trips when June dog was there as well and he could play with her. He also came to some family game nights and other get-togethers.

I luckily got to help dog-sit him for a couple weeks not too long before his passing. Jamie and Tiffany took him to the vet shortly before they went on a two week trip, and it wasn’t until near the end of that when they got the results from the biopsy. He was already more lazy than normal and had loss of appetite sometimes. His bumps were small then. He would woof sometimes at night, lonely sleeping on the couch, so I would sit with him for a bit and pet him till he stopped. Not sure if that was due to loneliness or the lymphoma. He got plenty of petting and we spent some time together while he was here.

He was a family member and it’s sad that he is gone.