My furnace stopped working. Luckily this house has a lot of thermal mass (brick) and is well insulated, plus has newer windows. It got down to 69Β°F with like 8 hours of no furnace. I have two electric heaters going, and I boiled two pots and a kettle for good measure. Reminds me of my mobile home days, where I did that stuff a lot, except it was much colder because it was poorly insulated and drafty. Here it feels pretty good.

The furnace is a Carrier throwing code 31 for pressure valve. It seems that can mean a lot of things. There’s a drainage pipe that was making some gurgling noises. I took the lines and condensate trap leading to it apart and rinsed the trap out in the sink. A bunch of gunk came out. I’ll have to see if I can figure out a way to clean it better, and then see if that fixes the furnace. That will be for tomorrow though.