I probably spent at least an hour and a half shoveling out a car-length spot in my drive plus a path to my front door. There was a deep, heavy, frozen together wall of snow a few feet high in front of the drive from the plow. I had to use a metal shovel to break it up, then a snow shovel to move it to the side. That took quite a bit of time. I had to leave my car in the road, blocking one side of the loop that was plowed around the cul-de-sac, until I got the spot cleared. Luckily, no one came down that needed to go around that side.

I got pretty hot shoveling and was feeling pretty worn. Afterward, I was feeling pretty sore all over. I took some tylenol and lay down a bit. Then I had some hot cocoa and relaxed watching a TV show. I’m mostly feeling alright now, just a little worn and tired. And I don’t feel like doing any more shoveling for a while. Gonna leave my drive as is.