I dogsat my parents’ dog, Jack, the past week. I took him on a hike every day. We went to the Tree Farm trail (Horseshoe Pond) twice, the Dogwood once, and Deep Lock Quarry the rest of the times. There were some very nice days there. There was plenty of ice and mud. The Tree Farm and Dogwood walks were long and tough. I wore yaxtrax some days.

One of the days at the Tree Farm, there was still ice on the trees, but it was sunny, so the ice was melting and falling. It was so continuous that it sounded like rain. The trees looked really nice glistening in the sun.

The Dogwood hike must’ve warn Jack out pretty good, because the hike the next day, he was going slow, hinting he didn’t want to go far. We kept it short. But he did quite well over the week for a 17 year old.