I have now seen every Columbo episode, both the regular series and TV movies. I had probably seen them all several weeks ago or earlier, but may have missed some beginnings because some of them I caught partway through on TV. I now have watched them on the DVD box set all the way through.

I got the box set on Black Friday 2020 and have been watching off and on since. At first I was watching them myself, and watched through the regular series and some of the movies. My health issues came in 2021 and I started spending more time with my parents. At some point, my dad started joining me, so we’ve been watching one episode a week since. We’ve switched back and forth between the next movie episode and a regular series episode that I had already seen but liked, later going through Columophile’s favorites list. We still have about 2/3 of that list to go for my dad to see them all.