Porkbun DNS was back up by the next morning after being down at least 4 hours on April 24th. The only word I got from Porkbun about the incident was from a ticket I sent them, in which they said they had a DDoS attack on their DNS servers. They were short on details. A handful of people posted on Twitter around that time, but didn’t have any information beyond that their sites were down and how to move to other nameservers. I was hoping for a blog post or something.

For the time being I am leaving both Fastmail and Porkbun nameservers on my domains, so that if one goes down, the other should still work. The downsides:

  • Fastmail doesn’t have CAA records, so sometimes requesters will see no CAA records for my domains.
  • I will have to make any DNS changes in both places going forward.
  • Porkbun and Fastmail admin interfaces both don’t seem to think my NS are pointed at them, saying things like “DNS settings will only take effect if you point your nameservers to Fastmail” or “Your domain is not currently using our default name servers and this functionality requires it”. That worries me that they might not function properly, but they seem to be so far.

The problems caused by no nameservers seem to make the redundancy worth it though.