I took an at home Covid test today, which showed negative. The at home ones are less accurate on the negatives, but I’ll take it as most likely no Covid. I have a some minor symptoms similar to Covid, but they are not uncommon for me. Allergies, digestive issues, etc. The main reason I took the test was because my boss at work tested positive.

My boss texted me last night and told me about the test results and told me not to come in until I get a test. He had what sounded like mild symptoms, so hopefully it isn’t bad and heals quickly.

I didn’t go in to work today and didn’t even do much working from home. I was a little preoccupied with figuring out the Covid test thing. My brother brought me one of the at home ones he had. Afterwards, I “ordered” the free ones the CDC / post office is giving out, so next time I will be more ready. Also, my mind felt a bit cloudy or woozy like maybe I had a slight fever, but I temped fine, 97Β° in fact, though I normally temp low.

Tomorrow I may go in to the office and wear a mask if I’m feeling fine. I’m not sure who was in today and who will be there tomorrow.