I’ve finally broken my streak in Wordle, at 195. Not because I didn’t get the word, but because I got it after midnight. Three minutes.

I had “_HA__” after two attempts at lunch time. I had remove the “C”, “S”, and “T”, leaving few letters that commonly combine with “H”. I couldn’t think of anything, so I let it sit, and must’ve gotten distracted by the birds and nice weather. I forgot about it completely until 2345. I wasn’t sure what would happen if I went past midnight, but I wanted to get it done, and felt rushed.

I tried a number of non-words, just entering random remaining letters that would be valid, but found none. With no valid guesses, I finally gave in and tried several words to add or eliminate letters. I ended up with an “I” in the wrong place on guess four. Midnight was fast approaching, but I couldn’t think of another word that made good use of the letters I had left. Midnight passed. I finally gave in and threw in a word that eliminated a few more letters at least and verified “I” at the end. For some reason, a valid guess suddenly came to me, and I entered it: “KHAKI”. Success in 6.

I got it, but when the stats popped up, it showed streak of 1, next puzzle in 23:56…. Hoping that it was just a glitch due to the late finish, I waited until this morning to refresh and do the next one. It let me do it, and I got it in 5. However, it still showed a streak of 1. So essentially me finish of yesterday’s didn’t count. Max streak forever 195, or at least for a very long time.

I might as well share my stats up until now:

  • Played: 196
  • Win %: 100
  • Current Streak: 1
  • Max Streak: 195
  • 1: 0
  • 2: 11
  • 3: 48
  • 4: 83
  • 5: 37
  • 6: 17

So, still looking good, except that Current Streak.