I’m sick. Thursday night into yesterday, I had a sore throat and stayed home from work. Overnight and into today I had a lot of trouble sleeping as my throat got pretty bad and other symptoms started creeping in. A cough has crept in, increased, and gotten worse. My nose is running a lot more than usual. I’ve gotten a slight fever all day. I felt nauseous this morning and had loose stool. I feel worn.

I’d love to be able to do some stuff around the house or some programming, but I’m just slightly too sick to be able to do much. I’ve been able to do a little bit, but have mostly been relaxing, sitting outside, watching birds at the feeder, watching TV, browsing the internet, etc.

I’ve been able to eat mostly normally. Both days I had some soup for lunch and some fruits in addition to my oats for breakfast. I got a carryout salad for dinner yesterday from Papa Gyros, wearing my mask to pick it up. I’ve had a couple of black teas, a green tea, and an herbal tea between the two days. I will likely have an herbal tea later today. I’ve also had some Ricola lozenges, some electrolyte drink, plenty of water, and some vitamins to help.

The weather has been nice outside during the day, and today I’ve left most windows open. The fresh air seems to help my cough. The nights have been chilly though, so I’ve had to close them after a while. I’ve sat out in the sun when it was up (mostly yesterday), which seems to help as well.

I had two Covid tests left from ordering some of the free government ones. They expired in August, but their control line still shows strong. I used one yesterday and tested negative. My symptoms were much less strong then though. I will use the other one tomorrow, just to make sure it has had enough time to spread, whatever it is.

Hopefully it’s not Covid. If it is I will be stuck at home isolated for a little while and will probably need my parents or brother to pick up some food and other stuff for me at some point. I won’t want to stay at my parents’ overnight until my cough is gone (back to normal levels at least). I can work from home. I’m a little worried the isolation will get to me though. Although it sounds like from the CDC I might be able to leave home with mask after five days if my symptoms are gone. Don’t want to spread it though, especially to my parents, who are older.

Hopefully whatever I have heals up quickly, at least well enough that I can perform my normal duties and work from home and what not. There’s plenty to do around my house and plenty of programming for my personal projects available to do.

I also have itchy eyes from allergies. I’m not sure how much that plays into my other symptoms. I’m taking my max dosage of allergy meds, so I can’t really do much more.