Very cold and windy today. Woke up with it around 8 degrees and it just went down from there. -1 was the coldest I saw on a thermometer.

Snow on the ground, not a lot except in drifts. Not enough to shovel but enough for several plow visits.

The birds were doing a lot of eating, but were struggling with the wind. They’d sometimes try to fly toward the food but a gust would send them the other direction. In gusts they sometimes had to cling to the perches.

My walks were very cold, and I didn’t go the full distance. My boots aren’t operational, so my feet got a bit cold. Otherwise, I really bundled up. Leg warmers, pants, and snow pants. I wore a second pair of leg warmers for my later walk, since the one wasn’t enough. Upper body had t-shirt, long-sleeve, fleece vest, hoodie, and down coat, with the lower layers tucked into the pants. And I had two neck gaiters and two hats, including a “trapper” hat. In addition to my feet, my eyes got a bit cold, and my eyelashes kept freezing. Breeze was biting and sometimes hard to walk in.

My parents’ have some high windows upstairs, and two of them were slightly ajar. I helped my dad get them closed. The bottom part of the pane is separating from the glass, pressing against the wood frame, so I had to pry the one closed with a screw driver, pulling on the separated lip of the pane. Felt much warmer up there after.

My car’s windows were fairly iced up and took me quite a while to scrape. Windshield kept fogging up so I had to keep on switching to the defroster vents, but they were obviously cold. Roads were mostly snow covered and a bit slick this evening. I had some wheel slip on occasion but nothing that took me off track. I drove slowly and probably more cautiously than I had to. Not a lot of traffic.

Luckily no problems with power outage or furnace issues.