I had off work this past week and took a staycation. It went very fast and now it’s back to work tomorrow. My boss closed up the shop and gave us all off for the week since they were going on vacation. This is the first full week vacation I’ve taken in a good while.

I slept in and napped most days, which probably was part of it going so fast. Plus the holidays. But hopefully that will leave me more rested for work.

I went on a good hike each week day, to a different place. Several I hadn’t been to in a while. Some more rigorous or long than my normal hikes. I hiked Dogwood trail, the Gorge, Hampton Hills, Indigo Lake, and the Beaver Marsh (on the Towpath). The weather warmed up to spring-like temps after Christmas weekend, so things were icy near the beginning of the week and also muddy the whole way through. Was nice.

I spent plenty of time with family since there were two holidays at both ends. Just small family (five of us plus two dogs), but good to spend time with them and eat good food. Also, prep and cleanup was easy.

I got some chores done, though not nearly as much as I would’ve liked. Cleaned gutters, renewed plates and license, got lined up with a new doctor, oil changed in my car, cleaned dishes from the holidays, and a few other things around the house. Lots more I could do around the house, but this will make it easier to get stuff done when I’m back to work at least.

I played a new video game my brother got me for Christmas, Trials of Mana. It’s basically the sequel to Secret of Mana, but not really directly connected story-wise or world-wise. There are a number of similarities in some of the characters, groups, the menus, enemies, magic, importance of mana, and game-play, but also a lot of differences. It has been enjoyable and taken my mind off of other things.

I had wanted to do some programming. I often thought while working that it would be great to just have off a week and be able to work on my own projects and get things done there, but I just didn’t really feel like it. I looked at a couple things but probably less than I might’ve during a regular work week.

I did pop on to my work account for a little bit one day to check on things. There was a problem with an e-commerce transaction for one site which I had to make a quick fix for and will have to deal with more tomorrow. Also, some emails that weren’t urgent but I will have to deal with tomorrow. Otherwise, things seemed fine.

Maybe I’ll have to take more vacation time sometime here.