Snowy day today. I knew we’d probably get some more but was hoping the mild winter and early spring-like weather meant it was over. Snow stuck a little overnight, then mostly melted, then we got a solid layer in the evening. Only like an inch, but most of the roads were not prepared and it was slow going driving home, stressful on the hills, turns, and stops, especially when other cars were oncoming. ABS was quick to turn on when braking, and I’m glad I had it for one particular hill, as well as engine braking.

I like a little snow, but this year, the spring-like weather tempted me to do some seed planting extra early. I planted like half of my seeds on February 25th. A couple types, such as milkweed, actually are supposed to be planted before final frost, but most weren’t. I was figuring we’d be getting enough warmth in the days to make up for the colder nights, but now there’s snow on the ground and it’s not supposed to go above freezing for over 24 hours. Hopefully the seeds can make it through it. Highs will be in the 50s again near the end of the week.