I’ve been going to Summit Metro Parks events lately on the weekends and enjoying them. But today I attempted to go to my first weekday event, on gardening, but was turned away due to too many people. When I signed in, I was told that it was pretty full in there and that I’d have to go in and find a seat because they wouldn’t allow standers. But it was quickly apparent as I entered that all seats were full or reserved and there were already at least a handful of standers. They didn’t seem to be pushing us out right then, so many of us stood in the back or on the sides and waited. The speaker came in and started speaking, and just about then, a woman came over and told us we had to leave. Another woman apologized as we filed out and said we could give our email and get a link to a recording of the event, but I just left.

I went on a walk through the foresty area, having already walked around their paved trails before the event. It was peaceful, no one out there, but a fair amount of birds. It was gray and started drizzling, but too lightly to be a bother. It started raining more just as I was getting into my car.