I went to a Guardians game today. My first since they renamed to Guardians. It was a nice day, about perfect weather, good game, and they won. I went with my dad.

Last game I went to I didn’t have a great experience because I had some major anxiety on the way there that lingered until I got home. On this one I was getting it the worst I’ve had in a long while. I was getting tingly fingers, numbed and tingly abdomen, swirly vision, trouble swallowing, trouble breathing, general pains, etc. It largely lasted until we got there, but I did my best to focus on my breathing, breath slowly, relax, and not think about the game or anxiety, and was able to make it. Once we made it to the seats, it was pretty much done with.

The Guardians scored 2 in the first inning and then no one scored anything else after that. There were some hits from both teams though and worrying moments with the pitching. Cal Quantrill had a no-hitter going up until the 7th inning, even though he had a lot of trouble finding the strike zone before that and walked some people.

A family in front of us got to hold the O H I O letters for Hang on Sloopy, so we may have been slightly visible behind them on the screen.