I went to another Guardian’s game with my brother. They lost badly, but it was still a nice night. I had a bit of anxiety driving up, but nothing too major.

My mom gave us the tickets as usual, but upgraded them to club seats, possibly my first time there. There was a large food area with all of it free. Plenty of choices. I had pizza and a gyro, plus a strawberry ice cream bar for dessert. I wanted to have a hotdog too, but didn’t have the room for it. Also, free drinks (non-alcoholic). I just had water, but that’s normally $4 something for a bottle.

The seats were a bit more comfortable than the normal seats. It was higher and farther than the 1XX seats, but still a good view. I did have people in the row in front that often had their head right in the way of the batter though, so I kept having to adjust my lean to see. Bieber, likely their best starter, was pitching, but managed to give up 4 runs. Relievers gave up a few more. The offense struggled to get points. Jose had a home run for their only point. They had a number of other hits, but none made it home.

There was some rain later in the game, enough to drive some people out of their seats, but not enough to stop the game. We were back far enough to be under the next level up, so didn’t get wet at all.

I stayed for fireworks, but my brother left. He had worked all day and hadn’t gotten to stop home, so he was tired.

I got a bit lost on my way to my car at the Wolstein parking garage. I went walking one way, ended up walking through some grass and getting my shoes wet, only to determine that I needed to turn back and go the other way. I ended up having to cross a large street at a non-cross-walk, but I got there. For some reason the Wolstein said my charge for parking was $0, although it made me put in my credit card. It didn’t give me a receipt. We’ll see if that holds up.