Went to a Guardians game today with my dad. They lost. To one of the worst teams in baseball. With Bieber as their starting pitcher, normally one of their best, although he’s been struggling lately. And he may get traded, so it may be the last game I see him.

I still had some anxiety issues leading up to and going to the game, but not nearly as bad as the first one. Took some effort to keep in check. My legs were a little sore when I got there but not too bad.

The weather was pretty nice, t-shirt friendly. I brought a long sleeve and considered putting it on when the occasional cool breeze blew, but didn’t, and managed fine. It was pretty sunny at the beginning but settled into bright but overcast.

The people sitting behind us were talking loudly the whole game, which was somewhat distracting. The people in front of us with kids were a bit distracting too. I didn’t follow the game as closely as I would have liked.

I ate a hot-dog. I had wanted to the last game but was in the club seats, where there were tons of other good options, many not normally available, so I passed then. My today hot-dog was good enough, but a bit disappointing in the price for the size, and that they didn’t have any condiments I would like, such as relish or onions.

We got to park in the stadium’s lot. It was a very short walk without any crossing of an active street. But it took quite a while to both get in and get out in the car. Kind of the opposite of the Wolstein parking lot I normally use.