Last week I got pretty sick for a few days, a bad cold perhaps. I woke up in the middle of the night with a bad sore throat and struggled to get much sleep that night, or the next two. My throat transitioned to a cough, the kind the hurts the abdomen after a while, and congestion, tons of snot.

I took a few covid tests, all negative. I still isolated at home to make sure I didn’t spread it to anyone.

I did the classic sick day, watching lots of TV and movies. I clocked in to work from home and checked on things but didn’t do much. I drank a lot of tea as well as Body Armor (electrolyte drink) and water. I ate more soup and fruit than usual. I sat out in the sun as much as I could when the sun came out. I sat and relaxed or lay down most of the time. I did take an evening walk each day just to make sure I got some exercise.

Finally, it faded to a more normal cold, though still occasional bad coughs and lots of snot. I rejoined society, visiting my parents for dinner. I had some anxiety going over there, kind of the worst in a little while, and reminding me of how hard it can be to control sometimes. I will have to remember that and be careful when I have to isolate due to sickness in the future.

I went back to the office on Friday and have went mostly back to normal this week. I still have a cough and snot. My sleep schedule got knocked out of whack by those three days. I’ve slept a lot most nights since and have even had a problem napping. Hopefully I’ll get it back on track.