Bed frame

As a gift from my brother, I now have a bed frame for my bed. I previously had the mattress on a wooden slat thing on the floor. So now I’ve got more height, a little space underneath, and some wooden contraptions at the ends. Otherwise it is the same, but with the space underneath I feel more comfortable moving it into the corner where the heating vents are (heat can now flow underneath) instead of in the middle where I had it for a while. It’s not perfect there, so I’ll have to consider other spots and decide what’s best. I don’t have a lot of room for access to the windows now and can no longer have a chair there for bird watching. I can bird-watch better from bed though and have a wedge pillow that’s kind of an in bed sitting position.

I now can easily sit on the edge of the bed and get up or lay down. It’s not quite as nice of a position for putting on socks and the like though. There’s more of a fall if I roll off the bed, but that hasn’t happened in a long time. I’m gonna need some side-table like furniture now so I can keep stuff bedside without having to reach down to the floor. Previously, I basically had stuff on the floor or small boxes, since I was pretty much at floor level.

The space underneath is enough to fit the vacuum under at the edge but not really to reach all the way under, except with the hose. I put some felt pads on the legs so I can slide it, though it’s pretty heavy and probably will only be moved occasionally. There’s not enough room to store normal height plastic bins, but plenty for the under-bed kind. I don’t have any of the latter, but may want to get some now or do something else for storage under there.