Furnace went out again. Had to clean out the trap.

I was feeling a little uncomfortable and unwell in bed. Finally got up and noticed it was a bit cold. Thermostat showed temperature was 2Β° below the setting and the furnace was supposed to be on, but it wasn’t. Usual fix, turning it off for 15 minutes, didn’t work.

Went down to the basement to do my more thorough fix. Took off the little plastic tubes and blew them out with canned air. Took off the trap and its tube and spent some time cleaning it out with water and spray soap. There was definitely some dark brown gunk in there, kept going until it seemed to be gone. Rinsed until soap was gone. Then put everything back together. It came right on. Probably will have to do that every couple years.

I was tired and wanted to get to bed early, but I guess I’ll be getting to bed late instead.