Eclipse day

Eclipse totality has come and gone where I am. Good show, worth the price of admission. Really cool at totality, a dark circle with bright edge and glow radiating out a bit. Dusk-like sky. Peepers.

It was a long and slow wait to totality, where it was only sort of noticeable without looking at the sun with filtered glasses until right the point of totality. It was easy to see the covered sun, like a non-full moon, with the glasses, for a good hour before and after. It started to get cool and less bright like 20-30 minutes before, with good coverage, but still looked sunny. Even when, through the glasses, the sun was a thin sliver, it was still “sunny”. It was sort of weird, like full sun but just less bright all the way up just about totality.

Totality was cool. It went from sunny-ish to dusk-like very quickly. The sun could no longer be seen with the glasses, so I had to look directly. It was just like the pictures, a dark circle with bright edge and a kind of rayed gradient outward a little bit from that. Just cool looking. The sky was dark like dusk. A couple bright stars were visible. The peepers in the nearby pond were going pretty loudly, maybe not full volume but close. Street and path lights came on.

It ended in a moment as well, going from dark to sunny and too bright to look at in a moment. Slowly went back from sunny but not actually bright to full force. Still just a bit of moon coverage.

There were clouds covering much of the sky, but the very thin kind. That made for essentially no blockage of seeing the eclipse.

Really cool. Glad I got to see it. Happy eclipse day, all.