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Formatting Dates in Classic ASP

During my internship at RPM, we used classic ASP for server side scripting rather than the PHP I’m more used to. Classic ASP is missing functions for formatting dates, like PHP and *NIX shell have, for instance. SQL Server has the CONVERT function, but only has a limited number of output formats, at least for the older SQL Server version we had: Otherwise, it would be more efficient to format the data as it is coming from the database . I built two functions for date formatting based on the PHP and *NIX “date” formats for use on the HSGA site, where I had to format dates a certain way for a project. I don’t remember if I used it on other projects, but I think so.

Both functions take two parameters. The first is a date, as would come from a SQL Server “datetime” field. The second is a string that defines the output format. The first function uses a format string like the php date function. The long function is as follows (tabs are double spaces due to the width and length of the content):

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