fire posts

Feeling worn out after spending somewhere near five hours this evening between:

  • breaking down and burning sticks and other wood from previous tree / branch / bracken removal and dead-fall
  • scooping dog poop

The start of a busy weekend.

House fire down the street

To continue with my fire theme (see Van fire), I was awoken around 0500 to the sound of some yelling and then some fire trucks. I couldn’t see any fire or smoke from my bedroom window, but could see the trucks and firefighters and neighbors outside. I could hear some talking and at one point chopping and breaking glass. There were so many fire trucks with flashing lights that a red glow came through the curtain, reminding me of a certain Seinfeld episode. They took up like half the block parked along the street. One firetruck parked right in front of our house. They were there for a couple hours probably and kept me awake for at least that long (I often have trouble falling asleep). The event got a brief blurb and video on the channel 5 website.

Van fire

On my way home from my brothers, I saw a van on fire. Really on fire. The whole thing was enveloped, the van itself looking like a dark skeleton trapped within. The flames would sometimes jump to at least twice the height of the vehicle or flow across the lane width beside it. Firefighters were around it spraying away. The flames would fluctuate out and in, though always completely covering the van. This was on 480 West.

I witnessed another fire related incident recently as well. I saw a large plume of smoke on my way home from work. I was on 77 North and it looked to be a ways away. I had seen smaller plumes before and had wondered what they were, but never investigated. That day though, I had nowhere to be and was in my car, so I decided to find it. I just drove in its general direction until I got close enough to it. It was on the east side of Cleveland. The traffic around it was terrible and it was really slow going in its vicinity. I didn’t get the best view of it, but I did drive down the roads adjacent to it and saw the huge, rolling, multicolored plume of smoke billowing from pretty close and got brief glimpses of the flames and possibly the building. I saw streams spraying into the smoke and flame. The traffic was bad enough that I got my fill looking at it trying to get out of the traffic jam.