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Officially Done With School

Finally, after two months, I’ve got real word from Tri-C about my graduation. They sent me a congratulation letter and transcript. The letter verifies that I have completed my degree. It also explains that, indeed, they have just one ceremony in May. I will not receive my actual diploma until June, but I’ve got this letter until then. The transcript finally tells me my GPA, which is 3.93. I had been listing it as 3.8, the last verified number I had.

What can I do with my two degrees? Hopefully something that involves monetary compensation. Hopefully at least as much as I made as a line cook.

Done with school


I’m done with school. The semester is over, finished on Wednesday.  I also happened to have finished the last classes for my degree.  For all intents and purposes, I have graduated.  I’m not sure when it is official or what not.  In fact, I’ve received almost no information on graduation, the ceremony, anything.  As I recall at Kent, they were sure to tell us not only about the upcoming graduation but about the cap and gown we needed to purchase, etc.  I was much more aware of what was going on.  At Tri-C, I’ve only recently come to the conclusion that the ceremony is most likely only done once a year, in May.  Not sure if I get my degree before then or what.

So now I have little to do.  I have no job and no school, two of the more time consuming parts of my life thus far.  I am considering taking another web-based class or two next semester.  That could be nice if they aren’t too hard.  If they are, it might be hard to enter into a full-time job (hopefully), work some freelance projects (hopefully), etc, and still do alright.  If they are too easy, I might as well just get books and use online resources instead, and be able to learn exactly what I want at my own pace.  I’m still thinking on this.


As my monetary reserves drain, I am in the process of looking for a job, and will look much harder now than I had while still in school.

I did have promising possibilities come up at a recent Tri-C IT event.

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