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When I was young, vacationing at Sandusky Bay, I saw a few big, bright and colorful meteors. They were red, green, and white, and kind of like a small sideways firework, slower and longer lasting than a normal meteor. Afterward, I often wondered if I had really seen that or if my mind had just exaggerated. But tonight, on my drive home, I saw another one. It was green and white and big, really cool looking. Hopefully I get to see more.

Eclipse 2017

Took a long lunch to watch the eclipse today. My mom got me some of those eclipse glasses, and it was very visible through them. This in contrast to everything else, which was not at all visible through them.

Since we didn’t get the full eclipse, it looked similarly interesting for a good hour before and after the peak, just a normal sun with a dark circle covering part of it. Things didn’t even seem any different than normal without viewing helpers.

I attempted to photograph the eclipse, with no special equipment (eg solar filters) beyond my mirrorless DSLR.

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