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Symfony: PHP Templating Engine and Global Variables

At Cogneato, we are using Symfony’s PHP templating engine to render our views for compatibility with our existing system and for allowing our developers to continue using the same language they’re used to. I was looking for a way to make various services and other “variables” globally available in all view files, like can be done for Twig as mentioned in this cookbook. I asked on Stack Overflow, but didn’t get what I was looking for. We came up with our own solutions. I provided some as my own answer to that question. I will discuss the ones I can think of in this post.


The one answer to my Stackoverflow question pointed out that the $view object has a container member object that has services available, and you can also access parameters set in your configuration file. Services would be accessed like (I believe):

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Javascript: Objects and Callbacks

I’ve been doing my JavaScript coding directly in objects. Before I had been doing them without objects, then modifying them if I had time, but now that I have experience with JS objects, it is much nicer to do the OO straight off. When making objects that are versatile, allowing multiple instances, it is often necessary to be able to perform different operations for different instances. As an example, you might create a single class to handle auto-suggest type functionality, and want it to do different things when you choose one of its suggestions or cancel for different instances of its use. In JS, you could either create forks in the parent class for each possible behavior and use a test to determine which behavior is appropriate, or you could create a callback on instance instantiation or in a function call. The callback method can be very versatile and clean, allowing you to leave alone the core class and modify the calling class or global call.

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