Done With School

I’m done at Kent finally. 4.5 years. I finished an internship up at the winking lizard, working mostly like normal, but learning a bit about management stuff and learning other positions in the kitchen. I’m now the proud owner of a BS (of course) in Hospitality Management. What does this mean? No more school. Finally. After 17.5 years, I no longer have to worry about assignments or tests or the like. For now, I’m continuing to work at the Lizard as I have been and working with my band (my band of musicians that is).

I’m now moved to my trailer as well, which is taking a bit of my time to fix up a bit. It was very drafty when I first moved in, so I’ve been working on sealing it up. I’ve put up the plastic sheets over several of my windows and caulked around the edges, and should finish that soon. I’ve also put tape on many other seams that were leaking. It’s improved noticeably. I keep the thermostat low, putting it at 50 to 55 when I’m away, 55 to 60 while I sleep, and 60 to 65 while I’m there and awake. Hopefully that’ll keep costs to a manageable level. I like the place and, for the most part, living alone. I can do as I please with the place, especially nice with the kitchen. I can also do as I please in the place. It does get a little lonely sometimes though, especially at night, and can be a bit boring. It’s a big place for one person, so I have plenty of room to utilize. I’ll be able to do projects and stuff that I can just leave sitting.

The weather has been very strange lately, even for Ohio. It’s mid-January and 60 degrees. That’s crazy. I cycled to work yesterday to celebrate. I’ll have to get used to that ride, as I’ll be doing it all the time when it’s warm enough.

current plans



Shelves to help organize stuff – one at top should be good


Under counter slide out counter

Near counter depth, right side width board of nice, cleanable counterlike material slides out from beneath counter, with strong heavy-duty top connect sliding tracks on side.

Will have replaceable cutting board materail over entire useable surface. Possible knife storage at one side or back. Possible slight downward tilt.


Try to get the hurricane 2 burner. Mount permanently in place, with small slide out catch tray beneath, above under counter counter.

Microwave Shelf

Look into putting shelf above counter, below cupboards, in small cubby just bigger than it. Must have adequate airflow space.



under porch, motion sensing lights with photocell turn on only at night, with adjustable timer. Use compact flourescent spotlight bulbs. will light for when coming home or leaving as well as for spending time on the porch. must be switchable offable, and preferably able to be turned on (switch off, on, auto).

storm door

foam insulation with waterproof, strong exterior sheathing, such as aluminum or painted hardboard. has lips all around facing that, when door is closed, seal tightly against door frame, with foam backing. foam backing is also on inside stop (where it normally is) for double protection. door is on tracks that allow it to be pulled straight out from doorway, then slid to the side against the wall.


screen will be roll up/pull out whole door cover kind like seen at lowes. will buy a durable fiberglass screen. will roll up on thin pvc pipe, inside another larger pvc pipe with slit along side for fiberglass to come through. ends of pipe will be capped with spring rotating device in center to hold screen rod. unattached end of screen will have pulling device along whole length that won’t allow screen to go into the tube, will connect (perhaps via magnet strip) to door frame on other side.

living room

boot bench

simple wooden bench with shoe/boot storage beneath for all (at least important) of my shoes as well as those of a few guests. board behind will go up behind back and hold coatrack.

solar collecter/table

for middle of living room. will store ‘tv’ and other items on top. base will be made of plastic drums colored black that will hold water, which will collect solar heat during the day and release slowly at night. must be easily drainable and fillable (must be able to drain and fill from kitchen sink, or dissassemble and use dolly to take to bathroom). Top will also be black, easy to clean surface, thin but durable. will have white cover for warmer days.

solar collecter screens

alternative or addition to above. black screens come down from ceiling – able to pull down desired distance to get desired absorption. fans may blow across to spread absorbed heat, which otherwise will likely not spread readily through house.

New Medicine

(based on article in December 13 2004 Business Week)

don’t use new drugs for several years after they’ve been developed unless they are a breakthrough – first and only cure for a given ailment or clearly and significantly more effective than older drugs

-older drugs can be significantly cheaper

-tried and true, older drugs are more well tested, while new drugs often have problems that come to light through consumer use

ask a doctor thoroughly about drug, reasons for using it over another, potential problems

check the internet – medical and other sights have lots of information available on drugs, often significantly before that information is released as ‘news’ to the general public. compares effectiveness of various drugs

Finder more useful

in finder: create new file by hitting command-n. type in name with extension, opens editor of that extension set in preferences with new file with that name. also enter in keywords describing new files contents. based on setup, system will know “where” to put file: example – create a new file, type in keywords Lizard Bobson; system knows file is for Bobson account in work ‘folder’.

for every file extension, there is a systemwide set default editor and default viewer. If file opened for viewing, opened in view mode, in which viewing tools are available, editing tools generally disabled. If opened for editing, editing tools are made available and viewing tools are hidden/made less available.

Example: text editor viewing mode – up down left right arrows move view (up, down, page up, page down). character keystrokes do find for typed characters.

text editing mode – up down left right move input/editing cursor. keystrokes type text.

Database/Image App

database/image app that allows one to drag images into it, have it automatically file as regular images (with tags as extra data in file) in file system based on user set fields. defaul fields simply image and image name and image type(jpeg, etc.), but can add any fields, any number of them, and create personal organization system.set what organization system is used for filing files. has folder style interface type deal, allowing images to be grouped togethor in folders, then subfolders, etc., but the folders can be created on the fly based on criteria. related images of the same thing can be grouped togethor.


In a free state, it would be ideal if only those who want to and are able pay for helping out those less fortuanate would. Instead of taxes covering social charity type programs, donations will. Donations will be given to government run charities. The government charities will be very similar to free market charities; they will be set up to utilize money to improve a specific problem. People will be able to pick and choose which charities they would like to donate to based on the problems they want to fix, just like with free market charities.

Socialisms-buying government services

Government based socialism under an efficient and well designed government could dramatically lower poverty levels. However, in a free state, those who do not partake in social benefits should not have to pay for them. If someone wants to live in the woods, never working, providing their needs themselves, they will be recieving no government benifits, and thus should not have to pay anything. If someone wants to use government roads, court systems, and other benefits, they should have to pay for them. If someone wants to recieve assistance in living because of poverty, they should have to ‘pay’ for it as well (not monetarily, obviously, since they have no money). This system will have government controlled programs, but will also leave open a door (often a very wide one) for privately owned programs to be run (for many, but not all, of the programs; for example, handling of roads particularly planning the routes and rules, will be handled only by the government, as the space involved in making road systems is too great, and it would just be very confusing, to have multiple systems). Checks must be instituted to prevent favoring of government programs over private (a big challenge).

I will create several articles based on this idea of buying services from the government.


A welfare program that would allow those not recieving the benifits to not need to lose out significantly:
Those who make too little money to support themselves with bare living essentials, or those who just like the simplicity of the program, will be given the option to enter the welfare program. This program will allow them to improve their standards of living to having the bare essentials plus a certain level of extra income. However, this will not be provided by regular monetary compensation. Instead, the folk will be given jobs, jobs at government facilities. The government facilities will produce items the government deems necessary to improve the standard of living of the nation: as an example, medicine production, education, and road construction and maintenance. As these jobs will be provided to them, they will lose some of their freedom that those not partaking will be left with; they will be assigned to jobs where they are needed rather than where they want to or feel comfortable working (as an example, if someone has aspirations of working in restaurants, but the government has no need for restaurant workers, that person will have to work elsewhere, where the government needs them. Also, if someone has skills in steel production and wants to make a healthy living producing steel, but was laid off, and the government can’t use those skills, that person will have to learn new skills. The government will pay attention to peoples skills and wants though, and provide when possible).

Bare essentials will not be provided through monetary compensation, but rather directly. Housing will be provided in efficient government apartment complexes. Food will be provided through meal plans at a government cafeteria. Transportation will be on government busses. Clothing and other near-essentials will be provided from government facilities or purchased from free market facilities, depending on which the government feels will be better (if there are enough people to fill jobs making government clothes, then the facilities will be government run. If there is too little, then some or all clothing will be purchase elsewhere). Healthcare and basic and job specific education will be provided. The workers’ labors will provide for the needs of other workers in the program so that all needs are met by all members, as in a near self-sufficient commune. The facilities will be put into operation with the help of government funds from the social system given by others (government run ‘charities’ will collect money from those who want to help the impoverished). They will then not only provide products to the members of the welfare program, but to the free market, in which they will provide income to the government for continuing the program as well as other areas of social provision.

The folk will also recieve monetary compensation to put them above and beyond the bare essentials. They will recieve a small stipend, if the program can afford it, for their own personal purchases from the free market. They will also, more importantly, have a stipend put into an interest bearing account. This stipend would be there merely for allowing the folk to save up enough money to break out of the welfare system and reenter the free market. If they never leave the system, the money will be used to finance bare essentials for their retirement.

heating device

heating device for heating water, air

water-on demand water heating-will fire up when hot water drawn through

-70°F raise @ 2+ gpm

air-radiated heat will heat air through floor

-steam radiating tubes ran throughout floor, insulated below

-thermostats in each room send signals to control unit, opening valves to desired level for heating pars in each room [ex. turn up heat in bathroom to take shower: device produces more heat, valve opened more for bathroom (if valve max opened, all other valves close some)]

-always on method- heat output = heat loss continuosly

-outside temp monitor compared to desired inside temp and estimated insulation of house/loss through air ventilation system to calculate needed heat output, adjusted automatically as temperatures move away from desired levels (heat loss = loss through inulation + loss through ventilation + adjustment value).

-stainless steel construction allows to prevent rust from condensation of combustion, thus allowing it to not need to run at higher temperatures to prevent condensation like conventional furnaces do.

burners variable heat output from near zero to 70°F raise for water at 2 gpm and 70°F raise for air throughout house at same time.

burners run continuously to make up for heat loss in winter, fire up further to fill water heat needs when water run.

in summer, turns off until water run. pilotless-electic ignition



-gas (natural, lp, methane, whatever) – space heating, water heating, food cooking (stove, oven)

-electicity – variety of uses (lighting, computing, refrigeration of food, music)

-water – drinking, cleaning (body, dishes, general)

-sewer-removal of waste water from bathing, cleaning, general

-[some kinda line] – communications

gas=from outside or tank

-to stovetop=kitchen

-to oven=kitchen

-to space/water heating device=hidden utility room

electricity=from outside

-to switches=throughout to lights/other devices

-to numerous lighting devices, wall and ceiling mounted=throughout/outside from switches

-to ignition for heating device=hidden utility room

-to numerous outlets throughout house for general purpose use, also outside outlet=throughout/outside

-to domotics cpu

water=from outside

hot water=from hidden utility room

-to bathing device (shower/bathtub)=bathroom

-to sink by toilet=bathroom

-to sink in kitchen=kitchen

-to heating device=hidden utility room

-to outside spigot=outside

sewer=from outside

-to bathing device (shower/bathtub)=bathroom

-to sink by toilet=bathroom

-to sink in kitchen=kitchen

[com line]=from outside

-to port in wall for hookup to computer/etc=living area

other stuff

heat ducts=from heating device

-to floors=throughout

ventilation/air=from outside

-to ceiling=throughout

-to stove=kitchen

-to oven=kitchen

-to heating device=hidden utility room

-to toilet=bathroom

thermostat controls=from heating device

-to walls=throughout (1 in each room)/outside(1)

domotics=from domotics cpu

-to various points=throughout