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CSS Wishlist

After reading Eric Meyer’s and Dave Rupert’s recent CSS Wishlist, I decided to make my own. Working with CSS for many years, I have come across many things I’d like to see. Many have come about or improved since then, but there are still things I come across that I’d like to see. I agree with many of Eric and Dave’s items, and put them in my own list if I had more to say about them or especially want them. Here is the list of what I could come up with:

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CSS: checking support for selectors

@supports is a good way to apply an entire block of styles only if (modern) browsers support a particular property-value combo. There is no similar block-level mechanism for selector support. Selectors are automatically ignored if their values or syntax aren’t recognized by the browser, so they basically already do this at the ruleset level.

Except, sometimes you want to apply styles to other elements that don’t use the selector, but only if the browser supports the selector.

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CSS: inner border grid list with grid layout

A couple years ago, I wrote a post titled “CSS: Inner Border Grid List” about solutions to a problem I was having. The post is not about CSS grid layout, but recent interest in the post leads me to believe people are visiting expecting it to be. In the interest of serving those visitors, I decided to create a solution using the now well supported spec.

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