First Post

My first yars posting. Anything before this is just yarstory. Monday, we played a show at the ECC, where we’ve played twice before. The first time there was a lot of people, but this time, like last time, there were only a handful. They seemed to like us somewhat, but not enough to stay for the whole show. We weren’t on for this show like we were at the last one (at Europe Gyro, our best show to date), and I was fairly well off. We didn’t do that great, though the Henchman and some others said that it was a good show.

Today, we were supposed to play a show at the university for the homecoming thing, but our time slot was cancelled: the library doesn’t wan’t bands on after 2:00. I think that’s way early of a cutoff for letting students study (who studies in the mid-afternoon anyway) but we can’t do anything about it. Dwight tried vigorously to get a show set up before 2:00, with other bands moving their slots a bit to make room for a short set by us, but that didn’t work. He even called President Cartwright at 2:00 AM to tell her of our problem. Because of Dwights complaining, we will get paid for the gig even though we didn’t play. We made 12.5 times more with this one gig that we didn’t play than with all our previous gigs combined. It’s nice to get money in finally, though as a business we are well in debt to our personal accounts right now. This money’ll pay for one of our recording sessions. The ACPB is also going to get us another show sometime. A show in front of the KSU student center would be great for exposure, with all the students walking by, so hopefully we’ll get one.

I’ll post more when it happens. This’ll be the place for Yars news in the future. Toodles.