-gas (natural, lp, methane, whatever) – space heating, water heating, food cooking (stove, oven)

-electicity – variety of uses (lighting, computing, refrigeration of food, music)

-water – drinking, cleaning (body, dishes, general)

-sewer-removal of waste water from bathing, cleaning, general

-[some kinda line] – communications

gas=from outside or tank

-to stovetop=kitchen

-to oven=kitchen

-to space/water heating device=hidden utility room

electricity=from outside

-to switches=throughout to lights/other devices

-to numerous lighting devices, wall and ceiling mounted=throughout/outside from switches

-to ignition for heating device=hidden utility room

-to numerous outlets throughout house for general purpose use, also outside outlet=throughout/outside

-to domotics cpu

water=from outside

hot water=from hidden utility room

-to bathing device (shower/bathtub)=bathroom

-to sink by toilet=bathroom

-to sink in kitchen=kitchen

-to heating device=hidden utility room

-to outside spigot=outside

sewer=from outside

-to bathing device (shower/bathtub)=bathroom

-to sink by toilet=bathroom

-to sink in kitchen=kitchen

[com line]=from outside

-to port in wall for hookup to computer/etc=living area

other stuff

heat ducts=from heating device

-to floors=throughout

ventilation/air=from outside

-to ceiling=throughout

-to stove=kitchen

-to oven=kitchen

-to heating device=hidden utility room

-to toilet=bathroom

thermostat controls=from heating device

-to walls=throughout (1 in each room)/outside(1)

domotics=from domotics cpu

-to various points=throughout